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💆 The Zenmon Drops HR solution helps you maximize employee engagement with neuroscience-based soft skills development programs.


Soft skills Development


Employer branding and corporate culture 


Employee experience


Quality of life at work and CSR

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🧠 The 1st RHTech platform based on the latest advances in neuroscience

🍋 Create a powerful Employer Brand

Tackle the talent drain! Show what a great place your company is to work and stay, and offer your employees a unique experience:

Soft skills development assessments and programs to enable them to reach out and unleash their full potential. Videos, podcasts, practical exercises.

To equip your talents withemotional and relational skills that help them to approach a new situation, a negotiation, a crisis...

Caring, human and personalized: animations, exercises, training all year round.

👉 A fun, original and innovative solution validated by over 200 employees. They developed their soft skills and enjoyed a unique employee experience!

👉 Tested and validated in real-life situations by HRDs, occupational physicians, managers and employees (offices, factories).


No more one-off QWL, CSR or D&I actions that fall by the wayside... Our "organizational neuroscience" approach puts your talents in a position to listen actively!

On the basis of neuroscience, positive psychology and mindfulness. (meditation)

By activating all 5 senses. Group and individual learning by doing!

Who helps HR infuse a culture of : Trust - Managerial Effectiveness - Conscious Leadership.

👉 Tested and validated in real-life situations by HRDs, occupational physicians, managers and employees (offices, factories).


Less expensive than disengaged talent! Our 100% customized, and scalable support simplifies the work of HR and enables you to:

With a dedicated contact person and a secure Learning Management System.

Without increasing payroll costs:  personalized loyalty programs.

Performance reports and recommendations for continuous improvement!

👉 According to IBET 2020, a disengaged talent costs €14K per year. Retaining talent with HR management that nurtures the employee experience: a winning bet!

Evelyn Tinajero - Zenmon Drops CEO

Evelyn, our founder, is Winner of the Schneider Electric World QWL Competition 👉 Gain in employee engagement rate of 70% in 6 months, 600 people, offices and factory.

🍸When fulfillment rhymes with efficiency!

🍋 Unleash your organization's full potential!

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